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What it is?

A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle, causing a swelling of the testicle. It shows as an enlarged testicle.

Signs and symptoms

They are often painless but can cause some discomfort owing to the size of the swelling in the scrotum.

What causes it ?

They are sometimes caused by an infection or a physical injury to the scrotum (including surgery such as vasectomy or its reversal), sometimes tumours, but often no obvious cause is ever found. They can occur at any age but most commonly in men over 40 and in young children.


No specific treatment is necessary unless there is an obvious cause for it. Surgery is the usual treatment where a cut is made in the fluid-filled sac around the testicle to allow drainage of the fluid. The sac is stitched in a way that stops fluid accumulating again.