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Sandyford Gender Identity services

Sandyford offers a comprehensive gender identity service available to anyone who is confused about their gender identity or expression of their gender.

For detailed information on this service, along with information on support groups in Scotland, how to change personal documents, and a list of common gender identity terms and what they mean (glossary of terms) please view Sandyford's Gender Identity Services leaflet. A hard copy of the booklet is also available free from Sandyford.

You are welcome to contact the Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic for an open and confidential discussion. The clinic primarily assists people who are transsexual to progress through the steps of transitioning in order to alter their given gender. However, the service is also available to any person who feels uncomfortable about their gender identity whether they wish to change their gender or not.

The clinic team of experienced professionals offers a resourceful multi-disciplinary, service-user approach to care.

The team also includes a dedicated counsellor for transgender people.